[ANB] I'm having a low success rate, what should I do?!

ANB success rate depends on many factors. Here's what you should do if you're not being successful or having a low success rate:

  1. Test your internet connection (speedtest.net). Internet connection plays a major role in the overall process. If your internet connection isn't fast enough, you can consider getting a faster internet or renting a server with a fast connection.
  2. Check your settings. Delay settings affect success rates for sure. If you're not sure about your Delay settings contact us for help.
  3. If you think all factors are good for you but you're still not satisfied with the results, send us your Logs folder along with a screenshot of your delay settings and a speed test. We'll review them and get back to you with some recommendations.

Good Luck

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  • hi i checked all this parameters they seems good but i coped nothing 

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