[AIO] Do I need proxies? And how many?


If you are doing well, not getting access denied errors, or running 3 tasks per site without any problem, then you don't need to use proxies.

It's better to use 1 proxy for each account, but you can still use 2 accounts per proxy.

Please check: How to insert proxies inside the Bot?


  • Don't forget to add 20% of your proxies for monitoring! Because the bot monitors the site before the drop even if it’s a countdown link. Please ALWAYS put proxies there.

  • No need to use monitor proxies for Adidas unless we instruct you to.

  • You don't need to add more than 20% for monitoring; also, don't use less than 20% of your total proxies.

  • For Supreme, you should use 25 proxies in monitoring regardless of how many tasks you're running.

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  • Hi,
    Let's say I have 100 proxies. 20 are monitor.
    Does that mean I can only run 80 tasks ideally?


  • Hello
    You can run more than that number, but it's recommended to use only 1 normal proxy per task.
    Yes, it's better to run 80 tasks.

  • Great! I’ll do that! Thank you!

  • You're welcome anytime, sir!

  • When my bot is saying not connecting to server is that a proxy problem

  • Hello!
    Yes, it is.

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