[AIO Bot Plus] Import Accounts/Billings/Proxies Manually

In This Tutorial...

We are going to demonstrate how to import your accounts manually. This tutorial is useful if you have numerous accounts/billing profiles/proxy lists you wish to insert into your AIO Bot Plus.

First, create an account/billing profile/proxy list from inside the Bot.

We will export this account/billing profile/proxy list as the first step in order to have sort of a Template. Using this template, you'll be able to add all your accounts/billing profiles/proxy lists easily and without errors.

AccountsBilling Profiles Proxy Lists
  1. Let's start by demonstrating the Export Feature.

    • Go to Accounts and click on Export.


    • Type in the name of the file. Name it as you wish then click on Save.



  2. Open the exported Excel file and you'll see the following:

    • As you can see, the file already contains the Headers and the data you previously input in the Bot.


    • Feel free to add as many accounts in the same exact way as you see in the sheet. Make sure to enter the name of the sites exactly as you see them in the AIO Bot Plus.


    • Save your file. Simply go to File > Save. In case you wish to save the file with a new name or in a new location, File > Save As. 



  3. Open the Bot and import the excel file with all your accounts as follows:

    • Go to Accounts then click on Import.


    • Select your file and click on Open.


    • This message will appear at the top of your AIO Bot Plus and DONE!




    1. Make sure you close the Excel Files before importing them to your Bot.
    2. Make sure all the data you input is in the right format (just like in the first exported file).
    3. Make sure you input the sites exactly as named inside the Bot.
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