[AIO Bot Plus] Set up the AIO Bot Plus for the Adidas Yeezy Blue Tint release

Restock Instructions:

For YeezySupply: Run your YeezySupply threads when you see the password page.
You can keep checking @theyeezymafia because they tweet when the password page is live again.

For Footsites: Run your footsites threads every once in a while to keep monitoring for restock, and when the restock is up you can keep them running.

For Adidas: Run your Adidas threads every once in a while to keep monitoring for restock, and when the restock is up you can keep them running.

Note: Don't forget to use proxies.


In this Tutorial...

We'll show you how to set up your AIO Bot Plus for the Yeezy 350 V2 "Blue Tint"

Check the article below for Detailed Instructions!

Prerequisites :

  1. Servers and How to use them Here
  2. Proxies and How to use them Here
  3. How to use Captcha Harvester Here
  4. How to Checkout Manually Here
  5. How to solve Manual Captchas Here


Before we start, we'll explain what a “Campaign” is and then we'll show you how to setup the bot for the Yeezy Blue Tint V2 release!

The “Campaign” is simply where you manage everything for a specific release, this includes which shoe, how many of that shoe, which sizes and on which websites.

A “Campaign” can have only one shoe TYPE, but it can have as many orders/quantity of that shoe as you want, in as many sizes and on as many websites as you’d like.

Let's take “Jack” as an example, jack wants to cop a maximum of 3 pairs of Yeezy Blue Tint on this release. What Jack needs to do is create a Campaign for the Blue Tint V2 release and set 3 as the number of orders. Jack will need to select all the sites releasing Yeezyeezy so that he has as many chances of copping to release as possible. (Adidas, Yeezysupply, Footlocker, Eastbay, Footaction, Champsports and more)

Jack even further increases his chances by using proxies, captcha services and will plan to solve captchas manually during release.

Let's start!

  1. Select the Predefined Campaign you want, for example, if you want to cop from Adidas UK choose the UK one, we will be choosing the US campaign for the Yeezy Blue Tint campaign.


    • You will see the name of the campaign "US" Yeezy Blue Tint already there.

    • Then choose the number of orders you want to cop.
      In our example, we will be trying to get 6 pairs!

    • Put a hashtag for your campaign if you want to search for it later on.

    • You will find the sites already there as well because we are using a predefined campaign.
      P.S: You can add more sites by increasing the number of sites, or you can create another campaign for other sites if you want.

    • Then click Next 


  2. Adidas Setup YeezySupply Setup Footsites Setup
    JimmyJazz SetupFootPatrol SetupSsense SetupExclucity Setup

      • Use proxies (as many as you can)
      • Don’t test your proxies inside the bot so you can avoid the ban.
      • Use checkout once per site to avoid orders cancellation
      • No need for normal accounts, only guest accounts
      • Use random sizes to increase chances (example: 9&10&9.5)
      • If you don’t want the bot to automatically create threads for you depending on the number of your proxies, note that we recommend using 1 proxy per thread.
      • Solve captchas manually even if you are using captcha services (using both together is highly recommended)

    1. Adidas Site Settings:

      • Select Guest Accounts.

      • You will find the PID "Which is: B37571" in the Link field

      • Choose the size you want and how many pairs you want from that size, you can keep on adding sizes by clicking on +Add Size. Also, note that the number of total sizes can't exceed the number of orders you've chosen in the previous stage.


        We recommend using random size by inserting: 10&9&11.5 in the size field, in order to higher your chances by getting any size of those.

      • There is no need for the HMAC Destroyer.
        Because we've implemented new methods the pass through the Splash Page without running the HMAC Destroyer.

      • You can uncheck the "Automatically Create an Optimal number of threads if you want to control the number of tasks you want to create for a site.
        Make sure that if you want to control this number manually, it should be based on the number of your proxies, and we always recommend to use 1 thread per proxy, so if you have 50 proxies you have to put the number of threads equal to 50, you can increase that number but at your own risk.


      • Then click Next.
    2. Now you need to assign a billing profile to your campaign, choose the credit cards where Adidas tasks will try to checkout using! Click Here to check how to Create a billing profile.


      You can switch the "Specify Billing Per Size" on if you want to choose a card for each size!


      Then click Next.

    3. Here you have to choose a Proxy List and assign it to the campaign, as you can see We have 40 proxies in this list, so even if I want 6 Pairs, (1 from Adidas, 1 from YeezySupply and 2 from Footsites), it doesn't mean that you can't use a lot of proxies, the more proxies you have the more threads you will create, so you will be increasing your chances a lot! So get as many proxies as you can!
      Click Here to check how to create a Proxies List in case you don't know how.


      There is no need to test the proxies to avoid getting banned.

      Then press Done


    4. We added another carting method recently called Adidas2, so you need to use it as well, right now it's only available for Adidas US, AU and UK. Do the same steps we did for Adidas to set it up


    What to do and what NOT to do:
    To Do:

    • Run your Adidas tasks when you see the splash page. (Keep monitoring @theyeezymafia to know that, also keep an eye on the notification center in the bot as well)
    • Keep your tasks running no matter what errors you are getting.
    • Checkout manually when you got errors for more than 3 minutes in the logs after the ATC. Check this article to see how.
    • Keep solving captchas until the item is sold out. (Check this link to see how you can solve captchas manually for Adidas US)


    • Keep an eye on the notifications center in the bot and on our twitter account because we may update the bot before the release.
    Not To Do:

    • Don’t use the HMAC Destroyer.
    • Don’t stop your tasks unless the item is sold out (Keep monitoring @theyeezymafia to know that.)
    • Don’t restart your tasks unless you are 100% sure that the proxies for those tasks are banned, otherwise, there is no need to restart the tasks no matter what error you are getting.



After you finish setting up the sites, click on Done and you will see your campaign on the dashboard.
  • Make sure that the number of orders at least match the count of sizes in all campaigns.
  • Don't forget to check each site's setup in the Tabs above to see when you need to run each site.
  • Keep checking the notification center(The bell icon located on the top-right side) so you can stay updated and check what's going on! 
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  • Hi,

    What does it mean "Use checkout once per site to avoid orders cancellation" ? Can I pay a pair on adidas even using different proxy, delivery addresses, credit card?

  • Hello

    - Check out Once Per Site is used if you want to get only 1 item per billing info.

    - If you buy from same site many items, you must have different cards + different addresses.
    It is better to also use different emails and phone numbers.

  • Hello,

    I have another question. Why is it not recommended to use the same proxy for different tasks (for example the same proxy for adidas, yeezysupply, and several footsites) ?

    If I hope to cop 10 pairs (in the US), how many proxies will you recommend ?

  • Hello, It's not recommended, actually, you CAN use the same proxies for different websites, to lower the cost of setting up the Bot!

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