[Supreme/AIO] How to create supreme tasks?

In this Tutorial...

We're going to show you the best way to create Supreme accounts/tasks step by step!

Good to know! 

For Supreme, we provide weekly instructions that contain detailed setup for the tasks and keywords (since supreme don't provide any early links) So we will be using those instructions to set up our tasks. 

Here we go!

  1. Click on Supreme Release Setup in the bot to check the instructions  

    The instructions page will open in your browser now, you can see that any info you need is there. 

  2. Now, we need to create supreme accounts, select Supreme from the drop-down list then put Supreme1 in the Email box and Supreme as a password, Of course, the second account we create should be Supreme2 and the third one Supreme3 etc...

  3. You need to copy and paste the keywords of the item you want to cop from the instructions to the bot. 

    First, let's talk about how we create those keywords.

    To use page monitor you have to enter the name of the item, the color, and the category in this format:

    For Example!

    • If we want:
      Hearts Rayon Shirt color Black which is from Shirts category we enter:


    • Terry Crusher color Blue which is from Hats we enter:



    You can use random for color and the bot will pick a random color when adding to cart.

    In case there is no color in keywords just leave the color empty, so the format will look like this: keyword1&keyword2CCCCCCcategory.

    As you can see in both images above, taken from the instructions page, we provide the keywords, colors, and the category of each item dropping, so all you need to do is to copy and paste them into the Page Monitor box in the bot. 

    After that put the size you want in the Size box, Enter the wanted Size as shown on the website (For NO size products enter onesize if the item was a hat for example) and click on Add, You can use random for the size too (to pick a random size).

    You can see now that the task has been created. 

  4. Repeat these steps for all of your tasks, don't forget to assign a billing info for all of your tasks, click here to see how. After you are done click on Create Tasks 

  5. Now after you’re done preparing all Tasks you may click Start All Tasks according to the below:

  • US: Start the bot 30 seconds-2 minutes before the release.
  • UK: Start the bot 15-30 seconds before the release.
  • JP: Start the bot 15-30 seconds before the release.

The Bot will try now to add the item to cart and proceed to the checkout.

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