[AIO] What is HMAC? And what does the HMAC Destroyer do?


HMAC Destroyer!

HMAC is a security system used by Adidas to prevent Bots bypassing the splash page and going to the add to cart page directly.

The HMAC Destroyer is a solution to work around the new HMAC feature to cart more on Adidas.

Please check  How to use Hmac destroyer

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  • If I have 10 proxies , should I use 10 for the hmac destroyer or 5 for hmac destroyer and 5 for normal tasks ?

  • Hey,
    It's recommended to use 5 proxies for hmac and 5 proxies for normal tasks, in case there's no splash page.
    Let me know if you have any further questions, please.

  • Im sorry but I got another question

    Do I need to have us proxies for hmac destroyer even when I am located in Germany?

  • Don't worry! Please, feel free to ask!
    You need to use proxied located in the country of the website that you're trying to cop from.

  • So when I start hmac destroyer it also automatically starts the hmac tasks right?

  • You need to start your tasks, and once the splash page is live, you need to start the destroyer.
    How to use the HMAC Destroyer?

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