[AIO] How to solve captcha disappearing issue

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If the captcha box disappeared from your solver, you can fix it by following the below steps.

1. Go to your chrome settings. 



2. search for proxy in the search tab and select open proxy settings.


3. Click on LAN settings.



4. Make sure that Automatically detect settings box un unchecked

       1 Check use proxy server for your LAN box

       2. insert your proxy IP's and port 

       3. Check Bypass proxy server for local addresses 

       4. Click on advance 


5. Insert this <-loopback>;anb.adidas.com in the Exceptions box and click on ok 



6. and then reopen your captcha solver from inside the bot and you should be able to solve captcha normally 






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  • Hi. Doesn't fix. What IP do you use?

  • How do we know what port to put in?

  • Why are y’all not answering any of these questions above? We’re we supposed to input each of the proxies IP or the server IP? And where do we find the port?

  • Hello,

    You should use the IP of any random working proxy you have. The Proxy comes in this format: IP:PORT:USER:PASS or IP:PORT you should input the Port as displayed in the Proxy. For Example: 123.321.23.43:2302:asdcx:23s1c then the port is 2302.

    Make sure to contact us at support@anothernikebot.com if you have any further questions!

    Best Regards,

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