[AIO Bot Plus] Export and Import Accounts/Billings/Proxies

In This Tutorial...

We are going to demonstrate how to export and import in the AIO Bot Plus, you can import and export almost everything.

Why? Because you simply want to save them on your computer or You may want to import them back on another computer or on your server! How? We will show you how to import and export your campaigns, billing info and your proxies

Campaign Billing Profile Proxy List
  1. Let's start by demonstrating the Export Feature.

    • Select your campaign and click on Export


    • Type in the name of the file, It can be anything you want then click on Save


  2. Now, we are going to show you how to import the campaign.

    • Click on Import


    • Select the file you have exported previously, and Click Open.


    • A Message will pop up that you have successfully imported the campaign and added it to your list.


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