[AIO X] How to Install AIO X?

In this Tutorial...

We will include a step by step tutorial on how to install the AIO X Chrome Extension and its prerequisite.

Let's Start.

  1. First, we are going to install the AIO X Host; this is a requirement for AIO X. It will not run without it.
    For Windows For Mac
    1. After you purchase the AIO X, open your email of purchase and scroll down to the Activation Host download link. Select the version of the windows you own. In case you do not know which version of windows you have, scroll further down in the email to find out.


    2. After the download is finished, click on the downloaded AIOX_Host.


    3. Click on Install in the Setup-AIOX.


    4. Now you are done and ready to install AIO X!


  2. Now we are going to start installing AIO X.

    1. Click on the download link of the AIO X that is provided in the purchase email.


    2. Open the folder location by Right-Clicking then click Show in folder.


    3. Now, Right-Click on the AIOXRelease zip file and Extract it in your C: drive.


    4. Go to your browser into your Extensions settings and Enable Developer Mode. Now, Click on Load Unpacked.Load_Unpacked.jpg
    5. Now select the folder that you extracted in your C: drive. Select_the_folder.PNG


You have successfully installed AIO X. You can now start using it.

Please make sure to check out our tutorial on How to use AIO X.

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