[AIO] Running a task

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You'll learn about what happens after creating a task.

  1. After adding your accounts, you can create them and get them ready to run. To do so, click on Create Tasks.


  2. You can now see your task in the Running Tasks area. They are not running but they are "IDLE", meaning they are waiting to be started: 


  3. Click on the task then click on Start Selected Task  OR click Start All Tasks to start all tasks at the same time. (Note: if your tasks are for Adidas and you want to start All Adidas Tasks at the same time, you will need to click on "Start All Adidas Tasks" because "Start All Tasks" won't start your Adidas tasks).


  4. Once the item is added to cart, the task color will turn to Green. 


  5. Once the item is checked out successfully, the color of the task will turn to Orange.






Finally, once the item is checked out, you will receive a confirmation email from the site.

For more info, please check our video on our YouTube channel:

AIO Bot from Zero to Hero

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