[AIO] Overview on How to Setup AIO Bot for Yeezy!

In this Tutorial...

We'll show you how to setup AIO Bot for Yeezy release.


To be able to understand this article you have to know the following:

  1. A general idea of how AIO Bot works and read the tutorials & FAQ here
  2. How to create a task and configure with billing info here
  3. How to solve Adidas captcha manually here
  4. Reading and understanding Site specific info here
  5. NOT relying on just 1 site, and running for all sites instead.
  6. Understanding that you have to setup the bot for all sites getting Yeezy
  7. Understanding that even if you want to cop 1 pair you might have to run 10-30 tasks per site at least.
  8. (OPTIONAL) You have read and understood how to use 3rd party captcha services here

Keep in mind!

It's highly recommended:


  1. Servers & Proxies... Yes proxies and a lot of them. More info about Servers & Proxies here. Proxies SHOULD be US not banned by sneaker Sites. On most sites, we suggest using 1 task per 1 proxy. So if you have 50 proxies you can run 50 footsites tasks and 50 On Adidas we suggest to run 1 task per 1 proxy. SO if you have 50 proxies you can run 50 tasks. After you get proxies you setup them use in normal proxy settings.
    P.S: You can use your own IP as a proxy with your proxies
  2. Get Prepared to solve Captchas: Yes even if you used a 3rd party captcha service, it is still preferred to solve captchas manually


The instructions below will link to another tutorial, but it will be an overview on how to setup the Bot for Yeezy.

  1. (OPTIONAL) Setup 3rd party Captcha service. Check this tutorial.
  2. (REQUIRED) Check the Requirements above and check this link for sites general instructions Make sure you keep checking for updates. Help -> Check For Updates.
  3. Get proxies from providers & set them up. Make sure you add your IP for authentication or get the username & password from the provider. ( Contact provider for more details on which authentication is supported )
  4. Setup the bot on your computer or your server.
  5. Add your proxies  and set them up check this tutorial: normal proxy settingsP.S: You can use your own IP as a proxy with your proxies
  6. Setup your credit/debit cards that you are willing to use this release as billing profiles. Those cards will be used on one more website. Our suggestion is to use multiple cards even for the same site because some sites are known to have processing errors during release times. i.e: 1 Visa & 1 MC for Footsites and all rest of sites. Or 3 diff Visa cards. Check the tutorial here.
  7. Create tasks for sites. AIO Bot supports 100 tasks so make sure you run at least 50 tasks. e.g: run the following: ( EXAMPLE )
    Let's say your goal is to cop 2 pairs or even 1 pair. The setup has to be something like this.
    • 10 Footlocker Tasks
    • 10 Eastbay Tasks
    • 10 Footaction Tasks
    • 10 Champs Tasks
    • 10 Yeezy Supply Tasks
    • 10 Adidas Hmac Tasks ( Click Tutorial Link )
    • 10 Adidas Normal Tasks ( Click Tutorial Link )
    • 10 SSense Tasks
    • 10 Kith Tasks
    • 10 Exclucity Tasks

      Our goal is to use the bot on sites until we cop. That doesn't mean starting the tasks at the same time ( Details Below ). So we setup tasks for each site and run when it is time to run for that site.
  8. Keep each site running ( after you start it in proper time ) until you see "sold out" message on their social media. ( not in the bot )

    Please NEVER start all tasks at the same time if not instructed. For info on how to set up the above tasks and when to start them check this link.

  9. Start the tasks as instructed in the link above. Keep an eye on our Twitter, Sneakers Twitter & Release times to see what websites release at what time.

  10. In case a website sells out, there is no need to email us asking what happened. This is a part of the game. Websites sell out but there are a lot of websites releasing this Yeezy.

    Our team is running bots, servers, code and social channels and we know what's going on at the same time you do.

  11. Keep solving captcha for websites as instructed in this tutorial.

  12. REQUIRED: Keep an eye on the news strip in the Bot for instruction during release time. We may issue an update, during the release.



Q. Bot showing error:

A. Whatever error the Bot shows, they are not errors, it is Work in Progress. So don't panic or contact us about it. Please keep your bot running.

Q. Site Adding to cart but not checking out

A. you need to wait till the Bot check out the shoe, or you can check out manually on the website by clicking on ''Browser Check Cart'' button.

Q. Site is sold out

A. This is normal, eventually, sites sold out its part of the game, but you can keep The Bot running in case of a restock.

Q. My Bot is not updated will it work?

A. You can try to cop, but it will most probably won't work, the updates on Yeezy day are crucial.

Q.How do I know it's working

A. If the tasks logged in and trying to add to cart, then it's working.

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