[Supreme/AIO] How to Remote Import Accounts (OLD)?

1. If you don't know how to create your own accounts template, please read this article to see how.

Remote import accounts will not work on new templates only on old Version.



2. For this tutorial, we will be using Dropbox to upload my template on it and remote import it through the Bot. You can use any Website which will provide for your file a direct download link. Now create an account on Dropbox and login into your account.



3. On Dropbox homepage, right click at the middle of the page and choose upload-> Choose File, select your template and click OK.









4. You must get the Download link to put it in the Bot. Right-click on the template file and select share... a pop out menu will appear, it will be containing the link. Right-click and copy the link.








5. Open the bot, go to Tools->Remote Import Accounts from CSV( OLD ) and paste the link, as you can notice, when you paste the link, at the end there is a number "0" you have to replace it with a "1" like we did in the demonstration pictures below and then click Import.






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