[Supreme/AIO] How to set Checkout Delay?

In This Tutorial...

We'll show you how to change the checkout delay

  1. Open the bot and enter site account info and click Add

  2.  Click on the account that you created in step 1, and press


    and choose Manage Billing Info Of Task.


  3. Now select any of your saved billing info, press right click and choose Edit


  4. Here you can change your checkout delay for this specific billing info you have to change it for all of your saved billing info 

    • For Supreme, we suggest you set up the value between 5 and 15 seconds.


  5. Now change the checkout delay for all of your Saved billing info. Each billing info can hold a different checkout delay value.


Please, note that we're currently controlling the checkout delay form our side, to increase our customer's success!

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