[Supreme/AIO] Captcha solving services

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You'll learn how to use the captcha services inside the Bot, in order to increase your speed for solving the Captcha!

For websites that have captcha using AIO Bot, you have to solve captchas manually. You need to keep doing so until all of your tasks add the shoe to cart/checkout.

Good to know!

We thought of another option which might be of interest to some of our users, if you want to speed things up by solving the captcha faster, you can do so with the "2captcha",''anti-captcha'',''CaptchaSolutions'' "ÏmageTyperz" and "Death By Captcha" services for a certain fee, of course.

You can visit their site and find out all about it here: 2Captcha, ImageTyperz, AntiCaptcha, CaptchaSolution, Captcha Decoder and Death By Captcha


You CAN use the captcha solving services at the same time with the manual captcha solving, in order to get better results. 

Advantages :

  • Captchas will be solved faster
  • Better results since captchas will be solved faster

Disadvantages :

  • It's a paid service, not for free. 


This doesn't mean that you can stop solving captchas manually, you still have to solve it but the above service will make solving faster since it will solve captchas with you.

 Where to configure it in the Bot?

Go to Configure -> Settings -> Misc Settings

Enter your client id. Click Test Client ID to see if it's working okay then press save settings.


Where to get the client ID 


1) 2captcha 2) AntiCaptcha 3) CaptchaSolutions 4) Captcha Decoder 5) ImageTyperz 6) Death By Captcha (DBC)
Sign up for an account here and log in using the account then go to your settings, you will find it there under captcha key


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