[AIO V2] Captcha solving services

In this Tutorial...

You'll learn how to use the captcha services inside the Bot. 

The Captcha Solving Services that the Bot supports are 2Captcha, ImageTyperz, AntiCaptcha, CaptchaSolutionCaptcha Decoder and Death By Captcha.


Good to know!

For the websites for which the AIO Bot supports manual captcha solver, we recommend you always solve captchas manually. You need to keep doing so until all of your tasks add the pair of sneakers to cart/checkout.

You CAN use the captcha solving services at the same time with the manual captcha solving which we always recommend because it is the best possible scenario to get better results.


Advantages :

  • Captchas will be solved faster.
  • Double the effort without doing double the work.

Disadvantages :

  • It's a paid service. 

Where to configure it in the Bot?

Press on "Settings" button, then press on "Captcha Settings"

Enter your Client ID. Click Test Client ID to see if it's working okay.


Where to get the client ID 


2captcha AntiCaptcha CaptchaSolutions Captcha Decoder ImageTyperz Death By Captcha (DBC)
Sign up for an account here and log in using the account then go to your settings, you will find it there under captcha key




This doesn't mean that you can stop solving captchas manually; you still have to solve them but the service will make solving faster since it will solve captchas with you.

In addition, it doesn't work for shopify sites.

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