[AIO/Supreme] How to Test the Bot in Checkout?

In this Tutorial...

We'll show you how to test your Bot in the checkout while preparing your tasks for the release.

If you want to test the Bot and make sure there is nothing wrong and causing any conflict for example (Antivirus, Firewall, Bad proxies), you can try to checkout with fake MasterCard.
  1. Enter Supreme account info and click Add after you finish.


  2. After adding your account in the list, right-click on your account and click on manage billing of the task.


  3. Now create a new billing info and use fake billing address and MasterCard like in the picture below and click Save after you're done.


  4. Select your fake billing info and click Add to assign it to your account.


  5. Now you can start your task. After starting your task, you should see that the bot is successfully going to the checkout page and it will give you an error "invalid credit card number" (because you're using a fake card) which means everything is working just fine.


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