[Supreme/AIO] How To Add Setup Billing Info?

In This Tutorial...

We are going to explain how to add your Billing Information. You can use the billing information to automatically checkout with the bot.

Please Note!

Your billing information will be saved on your computer and it will not reach us in any way.

  1.  Click on Configure > Manage Billing

  2. Manage Billing menu will pop out, click on New billing Info.


  3. Fill out your Credit Card Information and Billing Address, and shipping address if needed and click on Save when you're done.

  4. Notice now your Billing info is saved and it appeared on the list.

  5. We can set up multiple Billing info by following steps ( 4 & 5 ). When done, select one billing profile and click Add to assign it to the account.

  6. After clicking Add, the Billing info is going to be loaded into your account.


  7. Let's create 3 more Accounts and load them with a different Billing Info like we did in step 2.


  8. Notice our new 3 accounts that we created have no billing info.


  9. Let's load the rest of the billing info into the accounts, right click on the second account and click Manage billing of task, and you will get the list of the billing info we've created. Choose any billing info and click Add.


  10. We have two accounts with the Billing info loaded into them.


  11. Now repeat the steps with the two accounts left. After doing this process we have 4 accounts with 4 different billing info.


Now you know how to setup your billing information for optimal checkouts using our bot!

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