[AIO V2] How to create keywords for supreme?

In this Tutorial...

We'll show you how to use the page monitor for Supreme, and create the keywords!


You have to use the Page Monitor feature in our bot while using the Supreme website.

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  2. In the Page Monitor, you must input keywords like "Example&Example&ExampleCCCcolorCCCcategory". However, sometimes we include in our instructions colors of 2 compound words Ex: "Red Camo" then you keep the Space in between.

    "&": When you use it between two keywords ex:

    "Keyword1&keyword2&keyword3", the bot will add the item to cart if all the keywords exist in its name if only one found the bot will not attempt to add to cart.

  3. We're going to do a demonstration on a real item "Reverse Terry L&S Top". It comes in 4 different colors: Slate, Black, Brown, Green, and its category is Tops_sweaters. PS: We usually provide this information in our instructions located in the "Supreme Release Tab" inside the bot. Now we're going to put Keywords for that item,



    You can find Keywords under "Supreme Release Setup"

    Also, the "CCC" part (no quotes) in the keywords needs to always be in CAPITAL LETTERS.

  4. You must enter these keywords in the Page Monitor.


    Check out!

    Note: Check this article to see how you exclude keywords for Supreme.


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