[Supreme/AIO] How to setup email notifications?

In This Tutorial...

We are going to explain how to setup email notification, they are needed to notify you when you checkout successfully.

  1. (Only Use this Setup if you are using Gmail) Click on This Link 

      Turn on Access for Less Secure Apps.

  2. Click: Configure -> Settings.


  3. Click Email notification.


    Input all the required info:
    • Email username: Put your email
    • Email Name: Put the name that the email will be sent with
    • Email password: Put your email password
    • Email subject: Put the subject you want to receive in the email,
      for example: add to cart success, Checkout success 


  4. Fill in the email Text. 


    You can put for example [NIKESIZE] and it will be replaced by the size that you already filled in your task
    • [NIKEURL]: will be replaced by the URL of the shoe
    • [NIKEEMAIL]: will be replaced by your email
    • [NIKEPASSWORD]: will be replaced by your password
  5. Choose your send on method.


    PS: Choose ATC if you want to receive an email when you add to cart Choose Checkout if you want to receive an email when you Checkout
  6. Choose your email provider settings.


    PS: if you are using a different provider, Click on custom and put the needed info

    Click on Save Settings.

  7. Put your email in the email notification box.



Finally, after filling all the needed info: Site, email, password, early link and size, start your tasks, you will receive an email once you checkout successfully

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