[Supreme/AIO] Do you recommend proxy providers?


  • Proxies are needed if your IP is banned by the website that you're using the Bot for, or if you want to avoid the risk of getting banned.

  • If you are doing well, not getting access denied errors or running 2-3 tasks per site without any problem then you don't need to use proxies

  • It's better to use 1 proxy for each account, but you can still use 2 accounts per proxy.

  • You need to use low ping time and low website time proxies.

Proxies recommendations?

We do NOT recommend any specific proxy providers because that caused a lot of problems last time we did, 
but here is a list of some proxy providers that are popular:

  • Ghost Proxies
  • SSL Private Proxies
  • Get Proxy Proxy
  • Star Proxies
  • Buy Proxies
  • Mexela
  • Proxies N VPN

Check  How to insert proxies inside the Bot?


Don't forget, you should use proxies from the same country of the website you're using!

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