[AIO/Supreme] Insert Proxies

In this Tutorial...

We are going to teach you how to insert proxies inside the Supreme Bot.

Good to know!

Proxies are needed if your IP got banned from Supreme or if you want to avoid the risk of getting banned.

It's better to use 1 proxy for each task, but you can still use 2 tasks per proxy.

  1. Click Configure -> Proxies 


  2. Press New list to add your proxies


    • Check the Supreme site
    • Give the proxies list a Name and click on List Type -> select Normal Proxies
    • Check the Enable this Proxy List box whenever you want to use it


  3. Insert your Proxies and Save


  4. You can Enable or Disable the List, you can also check the number of proxies you have


  5. You ALWAYS need to put proxies for monitoring, we recommend putting 25 proxies different from the normal ones. 

    To do that create a New List -> Insert your Proxies -> Select Monitor Proxies as type -> Check Supreme site then Save it.


Now you have the sufficient knowledge to input your proxies.

You can double check the result by testing your proxies

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  • Hello,

    If I only have 25 proxies to use, how many of these should be set for monitoring?

    Also, Is it possible to run one task for multiple items on Supreme? If not, do I need to use multiple proxies to run multiple tasks even each of task is targeting for different items? For example, if I use one task for a t-shirt and the other task for a hoodie, do I need two proxies or only one?

  • Hello,
    You should use 25 proxies for monitoring.
    You need also to run multiple tasks for multiple items, 1 task for 1 item.
    Yes, you need to use proxies (1 proxy per task) to avoid getting banned from the website.

  • Just to clarify, I need 25 proxies for monitoring no matter how many tasks I’m going to run right? If I want to run 10 tasks, I need 25+10 proxies; if I want to run 40 tasks, I need 25+40 proxies. Is that correct?

  • Yes, that's correct unless we instruct you to do anything else in the instructions we provide in the Bot.

  • I see.

    Thank you!

  • Anytime!

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