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[Supreme/AIO] How to insert proxies?

In this Tutorial...

We are going to teach you how to insert Proxies inside the Bot!

Good to know!

Proxies, they are needed if your IP is banned by the website you're using the Bot for or if you want to avoid the risk of getting banned.If you are doing well, not getting access denied errors or running 3-5 tasks per site without any problem then you don't need to use proxies.

It's better to use 1 proxy for each task, but you can still use 2 Tasks per proxy.
You need to use low ping time proxies.

  1. Click Configure -> Proxies 


  2. Press on the New list to add your proxies.


    • Here you can specify the site you want to use the proxies on. 
      After putting your proxies select their type by clicking on List Type and selecting normal Proxies, after that Choose the site you want, check the Enable this Proxy List box whenever you want to use it, put the name you want and finally click on Save.
      You can also select All sites so that those proxies will be used by all sites.
      P.S: You can use your own IP as a proxy with your proxies



    • Here you can see all of your proxies lists, you can Enable and Disable it from here as well.
      If the Status is Enabled or Disabled, then this proxy list is enabled. 
      You can see the number of proxies you have and the site attached to.


    • You ALWAYS need to put proxies for monitoring, We recommend putting 20% of your proxies there, different from the normal ones. 
      To do that create a new list, and put proxies there, but select Monitor proxies as the type, and check All sites box.
      If you have only 2 proxies, and you want to run 1 task only, you can still add 1 normal proxy and 1 for monitoring, you're still fine.



Now You have the sufficient knowledge to input your proxies!

If you please, you can double check the result by testing proxies manually.
if you can access the site on your browser and add to cart using the proxy, then it's working.
How to Test Proxies in the browser?
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