[Supreme/AIO] How can I check my updates status? And how to extend it?

In This Tutorial...

We will show you here how to check when will your updates subscription expire and how to extend it.

Please Note

When you buy the Bot you get free updates for 6 months. When the update period expires you can still use the Bot, but to get new updates you will have to extend your updates period. After you extend the updates period, you will get all the updates, fixes and features we issue for the next 6 months.

How do I check for the expiry date of my updates?

    1. The date will appear on the bottom right of the bot, if the date is highlighted in Green then you can still update the bot normally until that date.


    2. if the date is highlighted in Red then your subscriptions has expired, and you will notice on the top right of the bot how many updates you've missed


How can I extend my subscriptions?

You can do so by clicking on Help -> Extend Your Updates Period


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