[Supreme] Having issues opening my Bot, what should I do?

In this Tutorial...

Sometimes, for different reasons, the bot might suddenly stop running or you cannot launch it anymore. If this happened, you can simply remove the Bot and re-install it.

In this tutorial, we will show you the steps you should do in order to remove the Bot completely and correctly from your computer (Please make sure you follow the 5 steps).

    1. Open Control Panel: From the bottom left of your Windows, click on the search button and type Control Panel (You can notice that when you start typing, the control panel will automatically show up)


      Note: For Windows 7, you can press on the Windows logo instead of Search and then continue with same steps (2 and 3)

    2. After the Control Panel window is opened, you should now select "Programs and Features"


    3. When the Programs and Features window is opened, you will see a list of programs you have on your computer.

      Simply search for AIO in the top right corner of the window (as shown in the picture below)


    4. Right-click on the AIO Bot and press Uninstall


      After pressing Uninstall, accept everything you will be asked for.

    5. Now the final step is to delete the AIO Bot folder (which contains different data and files). Go to This PC (or My Computer) -> Program Files (x86) and delete the AIO bot folder

      After finishing all these steps. Re-install the Bot.
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