[AIO Bot Plus] HMAC Destroyer

In this Tutorial...

We will be showing you here every step you need to Setup the HMAC Destroyer. 

Let's Start!

  1. Go to the Tools tab



  2. Click on HMAC to continue



  3. Pick the Adidas site you want to cop from



  4. Select how many threads you want per proxy. Keep in mind that increasing the number of threads will increase the risk of your proxies getting banned faster by the Website.


  5. Choose between Fixed and Random "Fresh Rate of Threads", we will give you the optimal setup before every release



  6. Now you need to insert the PID or the URL of the item you want



  7. insert your Proxies in this Box.



  8. Finally, press Start, and Here you Go!




The HMAC Destroyer is ready now!

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  • Which proxies do we Have to put on the HMAC Destroyer ? The proxies that we put on the Proxies list or completly different proxy?

  • Hey, Arsene!
    You need to select tools > Hmac destroyer and paste your proxies there, which is a different way of inserting proxies in the proxy list.

  • Ok , than If I understood, For the Adidas Website I Have to put the proxies only in The HMAC destroyer ?

  • You need to put proxies for the Hmac destroyer (for Hmac tasks), and proxies for normal tasks.

  • So if I do have 30 proxies, best would be if I put 15 in the HMACdestroyer and 15 in the proxies list.
    Is that correct?

    Is there a way to cop manually with aiobot plus after the HMACdestroyer went through the splash page?

  • Brogi, sorry I m French and my english is a little bad but I don’t think that you have to put the half of your proxies. On a video that i Saw a man said to put 20% of your proxies

  • Hello Guys!
    For the last releases, there was no need to use the Hmac destroyer in the Bot. For any updates of the way you should set up the Bot, we'll let you know, don't worry.
    For the 20% proxies, there's no need for it in the AIO Bot Plus, only for AIO Bot.

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