[AIO X] How to run multiple tasks?

In this Tutorial...

We'll be showing you every step you need to create multiple tasks. Creating multiple tasks requires running on multiple Chrome Profiles for each task.


Because each profile is equal to a task!
So if you want to run multiple tasks you need multiple chrome profiles/instances.

Let's start by Creating a chrome Profile. 

  1. Launch Google Chrome and go to settings._1.png
  2. Now we are going to create a different Profile. A Different Google Chrome profile will appear as a fresh install of Google Chrome, it will launch a new Google Chrome window with its own bookmarks, extensions and so on.

    • Click on Manage other people _2.png
    • Here you will see all the profiles you have created and you can launch them by clicking on a certain profile here. Now since we are creating a new profile, Click on ADD PERSON _3.png
    • Now you have to input the name of the Profile you want to create, Select a Profile Picture and (Only for Windows users) You can select Create a desktop shorcut for this User to create a shorcut on the desktop that will open you the profile you are making right away.


      Last but not least, Click on Save to create your profile! It will open a new window that will appear like a fresh install of Google Chrome, without your AIO X Extension Installed.

Now It's time to Install AIO X on your new Profile!

  1. Launch Google Chrome, Grab the download link of the AIOX that is provided in the purchase email and click on Add to Chrome.


  2. Now, Click on Add extension.


  3. Now the AIO X Chrome Extension is successfully installed on your second profile! You only need to put in your activation key.



Now you are ready to create multiple tasks! This will increase your chances of coping! Our Team wishes you the Best!

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  • Hi,
    I made a new profile and installed AIO X on it, but when I clicked the extension it opened right away with no need for a activation key like there should be according to this tutorial. Does this mean I did something wrong?

  • Hello,
    No, that's completely fine.
    Let us know if you need anything else by contacting us at our Support email: support@anothernikebot.com

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