[AIO X] How to use AIO X

In this Tutorial...

We'll be showing you every step you need to create a task. A Task is a mechanism that allows you to cop from websites.

We will create billing info, add proxies and more!

Let's check how to do so!

  1. Select the Adidas site from the drop-down list that you want to use, in this case, we are going to select Adidas US


  2. Check the Guest box If you want to use a guest account, if you plan to use your Adidas Account, then uncheck the Guest box and insert your Email and Password in the appropriate boxes.


  3. In the next step: 

    • Add the Link of the Item in the Link field and Insert the Size of the Item you want to cop,
      For the Size, you can also check the random box if you want to cop a random size.


    • Insert the Proxy you want to use in the Proxy field.



    You are now ready to use AIO X!

    Click on Start and let AIO X do its thing!

Now we are going to explain all the additional features inside the extension, Keep in mind, these features are entirely optional to use, the Extension doesn't require you to set them up to cop, but they can facilitate the process and make it automated.

    1. Scheduling: If you have an emergency at the time of the release, You can set your task on a timer! This is very useful if you cannot be on your PC on time. However, to be able to run your tasks automatically, You will need to setup Captcha Solving Services and Auto Checkout that we will talk about in step 2.

      To Enable Scheduling, Simply check the box next to Enable Scheduling and click on Select a Date and Time to do just that!


    2. If you prefer to use our Auto Checkout feature then we need to setup your Billing information.

      • Check the Auto Checkout and go to the Billing Tab


      • Here you need to input the information of the credit card you plan to cop with and set your Shipping information, you will need to set the Shipping information that is located in the country of the website you are planning to cop from. For example: using Adidas US you need to set a US Shipping address.

        You can Select "Billing address same as shipping", in case your credit card billing information and shipping information are the same


        Please note in this case you can choose not to Auto Checkout, then the extension will direct you to the checkout Page of the item after adding it to cart. Also, Unfortunately, PayPal payment method is currently under development.

    3. We also support Captcha Solving Services. This is a 3rd Party Service that enables you to solve Captcha Automatically. It will provide you better results by solving Captcha Faster, however, keep in mind that this is a Paid 3rd Party Service.

      • First off Click on the Captcha Tab


      • Then Check the Captcha services you want to use and Insert the API Key Provided by the Captcha Solving Services


        How to find your API Key

        2captcha AntiCaptcha CaptchaSolutionsImageTyperz
        Sign up for an account here and log in using the account then go to your settings, you will find it there under captcha key.


    4. Go to the Settings,


      • The First option is "Show Images". This box is related to the website's images. If you check this box, the images on the website, you are trying to cop from, will appear. We always recommend that you keep it unchecked since it will make your task run faster. 2.png 
      • The Second option is "Deactivate". If you click on this box, you will be able to use your key on another computer.


Now you read all you need to know to run a Task.

You can go ahead and start coping! Good luck!

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