[AIO X] How to set up AIO X?

In this Tutorial...

We'll be showing you every step you need to create a task. A Task is a mechanism that allows you to cop from websites.

We will create a billing info, add proxies and more!

Let's begin!

  1. First, let's create billing profile by clicking on settings if you prefer to use our Auto Checkout feature 


  2. Fill in the blanks with the required information then click save

    Here you need to input the information of the credit card you plan to cop with and set your Shipping information. The Shipping information needs to be in the same country as that of the website you are planning to cop from. For example: for Adidas US, you need to set a US Shipping address.

    You can turn off "Charge to a different billing address", in case your credit card billing information, and the shipping information is different.


  3. Now select a site and click next, we're going to select the Adidas site.


  4. Insert the Proxy you want to use in the Proxy field.


  5. Turn on the Guest button if you want to use a guest account; turn off the Guest button if you plan to use your Adidas Account and insert your Email and Password in the appropriate fields.


  6. Select the billing profile you created if you want to auto-checkout


  7. Select the country of the Adidas site that you're going to cop from, for example, we're going to run Adidas US


  8. In the next step: 

    • Add the Link of the item in the Link/PID field and input the Size you want to cop.
      For the Size, you can also select Random if you want to cop a random size.



    You are now ready to use the AIO X!

    Click on Start and let AIO X do its thing!


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