[AIO Bot Plus] Create Proxies Lists

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Proxies are needed if your IP is banned by the website you're using the Bot for, or if you want to avoid the risk of getting banned. We'll show you how to insert proxies inside the AIO Bot Plus

  1. Click on the Proxies tab.



  2. Press on +Create New List



  3. Choose a name for this proxy list

  4. You can put the proxy provider name if you want to organize the lists you have even more.

  5. You can choose whether to disable this list or to enable it

  6. Pick one site if you want this list to run on it only, or you can pick All and let this list run on all sites

  7. Choose a hashtag to search for this list when creating a new campaign

  8. Add your proxies to the empty box

  9. Click Save


Your list should look like the following pic




You can adjust the proxy list later on by choosing one of the Actions you want. 


To add the created List to a certain campaign, either choose it during the making of the campaign, or you can click on edit and add it.


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