[AIO Bot Plus] Checkout Manually

In this Tutorial...

We'll show you how to use the checkout manually feature.

This feature can help you checkout manually on the website you are trying to cop from.

You can use the Browser Check Out method or the Copy Cookies method.

This is an easy step-by-step guide to use the AIO Bot Plus manual checkout!

Browser Check Out Copy Cookies
  1. Go to the campaign section and create a campaign.


  2. Click Run to start your tasks.


  3. Click on Added.


  4. Click on Browser Check Out


  5. You will find the item already in your cart.



You have successfully learned how to use Browser Check Out to check out manually with AIO Bot Plus.

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  • Hello , is it normal that when I run the Compaign for the next yeezy it automatically stop itself?

  • Hello, Arsene!
    This is a Beta version of the Bot now, there are updates coming soon.
    Keep in mind that you can set up the campaign now, but there's no need to run it now.

  • I'm testing the bot now - I have one task created with auto-checkout disabled. after an item adds to cart as it says in the log - the task immediately stops and I have no way to interact with the cart. I've only gotten it to produce the button that allows me to interact with the cart successfully once. any idea why the task disappears when the log shows the item has been added successfully?

  • Hello, Romerom!
    Thank you for your comment. In such cases, please report any issues you faced in our support email Support@AnotherNikeBot.com with more details/screenshots, in order to know more about the issue you're facing. Now, the issue should be solved now. Make sure that you're on the latest updated version!

  • Hi,

    The pictures on this page are broken.

  • Hello, Ritwik!
    Thank you for reporting this, we've fixed the issue.

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