[AIO Bot Plus] Solve Captcha Manually and externally?

In this Tutorial...

The goal of using the manual captcha is to increase your chances of bypassing the Recaptcha used by some websites! 

This is an easy step by step guide to using the AIO Bot Plus' manual captcha solver!

Here we go!

    1. Go to the Tools tab in the Bot interface and choose Captcha as shown in the figure below.



    2. In the Captcha tab, you should choose "Manual solver" in the tabs on the upper part of the page as shown in the figure below.



    3. After you choose "manual solver", you should choose the website that you want to solve the captcha on. A new window will open, sign in using your Gmail inside the panel as shown below. Signing in to your Gmail account will make the process a little bit faster.



Always remember!

You can open the captcha panel from every tab of the Bot and solve it for easy and fast access.

Check the figure below. You can always find the lock logo at the bottom of the page!


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  • how many tokens should be active to have the chance that the bot will cart a pair?

  • Hello
    There's no specific number, you should keep solving captchas until all the items sold out!

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