[AIO Bot Plus] Create Accounts

In this Tutorial...

Not all websites support guest accounts; some of the websites need to have a registered account on their website.

You'll learn step-by-step how exactly you can add those into the AIO Bot Plus so you can easily access them every time you need them!

Here we go!

  1. Step one:

    Go to the account tab on the interface of your Bot.


  2. Step two:

    Press on "Create New Account" tab to add your account.


  3. Step three:

    Fill your information inside the Bot as shown in the image below:


  4. And press on the save icon referred to with the green arrow! Then you'll go to the accounts tab that is shown below; you can press Validate to check if the account is working or not.




Now after you successfully added your account, you can check it on the account tab and do the following:

    • Edit account.
    • Delete account.
    • Search account by name.
    • Search account by tag.
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