[AIO Bot Plus] Add a Billing Profile

In this Tutorial...

You'll find the steps to add a billing profile in order to assign it to your tasks.

Here we Go!

  1. Click on the Billing tab.



  2. Press on + New Billing



  3. Fill all the required info. You can put the Zip code and the bot will fill out the country, state and city automatically. You can use "Same as Billing Address" if you want your Shipping address to be the as the Billing address.


  4. You can choose to either turn on the check out once per site feature or not; we recommend to have it on since most sites will cancel orders made by the same billing profile (same address, card, email, etc...)


  5. Click on save.


  6. While creating the campaign, you can assign it to the sites you want by clicking on the site and choose the billing.


You can adjust the billing profiles later on by choosing one of the Actions you want. 


To add the created billing profile to a certain campaign, either choose it during the creation of the campaign or you can click on edit the campaign and add it.



You've added a billing profile successfully!

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  • If i want to autocheckout, can I skip billing step? ( for adidas.com)

  • Hello!
    You can't auto checkout if you're not assigning billing info for the campaign!

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