[AIO Bot Plus] Do we need to use 20% proxies for page monitor in AIO Bot Plus?

Monitoring Proxies!

No need to use 20% of your proxies for monitoring in the AIO Bot Plus version. It will automatically do the job.


You still need 20% of your proxies for monitoring in the original AIO Bot. Monitor proxies are used to monitor the site before the drop. Please make sure to always put proxies there and enable the list even if you're using just early links.

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  • Can the proxies used to monitor also be used to checkout process a shoe

  • Hi Michael!
    No, we recommend using different proxies for the monitor and for the normal lists.

  • The most I can upload is 200 tasks. Can I upload more than 200 proxies so that I can have 200 tasks trying to checkout the shoe

  • Hello Michael! Yes, you can insert as many proxies as you want and it's recommended to increase your chances.

  • can i reuse proxy or is it a one time thing?

  • You can re-use them in case they didn't expire or banned.

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