[AIO X] Which one is better? AIO X extension or AIO Bot Plus?

What to get?!

Before answering that question, it is crucial to understand what is AIO X and what is AIO Bot Plus                                                                                      


  • AIO Bot Plus is a program independent of any browser and sends raw requests.

  • Nothing is required for AIO Bot Plus to run along with it to make it work.

  • AIO X is an Extension tool, google chrome is required to make it run, it's browser dependent. 

Since both runs on different engines, they are essentially different.

We CANNOT compare, they are different things! However the very nature of AIO Bot being a standalone more advanced desktop program gives it more power, meaning it is more powerful. 

So if you want something simple and easy to use to cop personal pair then AIOX should be good for you, but if you want to be a hype beast and cop multiple pairs and even 10+ then you need the more advanced AIO Bot.

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