[AIO Bot Plus] Which one is better?

They're both equally as good!

At the request of elite sneakerheads who wanted to use multiple copping engines but were unsatisfied with other companies, ANB_AIO launched the AIO Bot Plus!

The new product, AIO Bot Plus, differs from the original, AIO Bot, in the UI (user interface) and copping engine.

At the core of our bots, there is a ‘copping engine’. And while it’s top of the line and has the best technology implemented, that same technology can be used but within a different engine. A nice analogy would be two different cars that can reach the same speeds and have the same capabilities, but have different engines under the hood.




What does different copping engines mean?


None of them is better! They're just different!

Keep in mind!

The ANB_AIO family is ALWAYS providing its customers with the best products in the market, in order to increase the chances of copping a huge number of HYPED sneakers! And both products will continue to be updated with the latest and greatest technology!

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