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In this Tutorial...

We will be showing you every step you need to take to create a campaign. A campaign is where all of your info is stored, such as tasks, billing profiles, proxy lists, and more for a certain release. 

You can use campaigns to set up for releases step by step (like a setup wizard!). You’ll be guided in the creation of your tasks, assigning your proxies, and adding your billing profiles in just a few simple steps. This will make preparing for a release much easier and faster. Instead of going from one place to another assigning your info to the tasks, you can now put all your info in one place in a campaign! 

Let's make a campaign!

  1. Click on New Campaign to create your first.



  2. Next,

    • Name your campaign.
    • Select how many pairs you are planning to cop using this campaign. 
    • Put hashtag(s) for your campaign; this will make the search for it easier in the future (optional).
    • Select the sites you want to cop from. You can add more sites by clicking on the plus sign and delete sites by clicking on the minus sign. Click next once you have finished.


  3. Next, you will need to set up the sites you've chosen previously. Click on the site you want to set up under "Site Configuration" and choose it then enter its details as follows:

    • Select whether you want to use a guest account, real account or both at the same time. Check here for sites that you can use a real account on.
      Note: each real account will be assigned to one task only.

    • Put the early link or keywords depending on the site, you can put both at the same time and the bot will split your tasks between early link and keywords.

    • Choose the size you want and how many pairs you want from that size; you can keep on adding sizes by clicking on +Add Size. Also, you can put 'random' for a random size -- note that the number of total sizes can't exceed the number of orders you've chosen in the previous stage.




    • Here we have two options, you can either add the number of tasks you want manually, or you can leave it automatically and the bot will calculate the tasks you should use based on the number of proxies you will assign to the campaign.

      If you want to put the number of tasks manually, click on Advanced options, uncheck the"Automatically Create Optimal number of Threads for:" box, then select how many tasks you want to add. Click Next once you have finished.6.png

    • You can schedule your tasks to start at a specific time in case you aren't there to start them manually. Just check the box next to "Schedule Run time of this Site" and choose a time and date.


    • Note: HMAC Destroyer is already implemented so it won't matter if you checked it or not. It was implemented because most of the sites have queues.
  5. Next, you need to assign a billing profile to your campaign. Click here to check how to Create a billing profile. Once you have created it, select it and click Next.




  6. Here you can create a proxy list and assign it to the campaign. Click here to check how to do so. After you've created your list, click on the one you want to assign and click on Done.




    The campaign is ready now!


  7. Finally! On the dashboard you can run, edit, delete or search the campaign you made.


  8. Click run to start the campaign.


  9. You can at any time click on the logs to check the status of each task. For example, if the task was successful or not and why it wasn't.


  10. When the Bot adds to cart or checks out, it will show here.


Well Done!

Now you have read all you need to know about the AIO Bot Plus and you have the sufficient knowledge to create a campaign.

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  • How do you stop an entire campaign? I want to edit it after starting it. Where is the equivalent of "Stop All Tasks"?

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  • Click on Hold to stop the tasks assigned to the selected site.

    Then, click on edit to edit the campaign at anytime.

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  • Do we add keywords in + like we do in the original? keyword1&keyword2&keyword3

    How about negative keywords?


    Edit: I can't add any keywords for pacsun. Please show how to add keywords

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  • Hey!
    Yes, you can use the keywords as shown above. For the negative keywords, no need for it in the AIO Bot Plus.
    Regarding PacSun, this is a Beta version of the Bot, and updates are coming soon. We'll try to fix it.

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  • Will the keywords be fixed before the FOG x Vans release on Pacsun?

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  • We'll try, but no promises.

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  • where can I find the "Release Setup" button in aiobot plus?

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  • There is no Release Setup Tab inside the AIO Bot Plus for now, we made a Setup Video and an article for the Yebra Release.

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