[AIO Bot Plus] Run the Harvester

In this Tutorial...

You will learn how to run the harvester for the websites that have captcha using AIO Bot Plus.

You have to solve Captcha manually and you need to keep solving Captcha until all of your tasks add the shoe to cart/checkout.

Solving Captcha faster!

We thought of another option which might be of interest to some of our users. If you want to speed things up by solving the captcha faster, you can do so with the "2captcha",''anti-captcha'',''CaptchaSolutions'' "ÏmageTyperz" "Captcha Decoder" and "Death By Captcha" services for a certain fee, of course.

You can visit their site and find out all about it here: 2CaptchaAntiCaptchaCaptchaSolution,  ImageTyperz, Captcha Decoder and Death By Captcha. 


  • Captchas will be solved faster.
  • Double the work without double the effort.


  • It's a paid service, not for free. 


This doesn't mean that you can stop solving captchas manually! You still need to solve them manually but the services will help you solve faster and a larger quantity since it will solve captchas with you.

Where to configure it in the Bot?

First, you will need to make an account on one of the sites listed above in order to get your API key and use it in the bot so you can start receiving solved captchas. Check below on how to get the API key for each site.

2captcha AntiCaptcha CaptchaSolutions Captcha Decoder ImageTyperz Death by captcha
Sign up for an account here and log in using the account then go to your settings, you will find it there under captcha key.


Where do I put the API key after obtaining the API key?

  1. Click on Tools --> Captcha -->  Harvester --> New Harvester.




  2. Select the site you want to run this harvester on.


  3. Select a time to schedule this harvester.


  4. Put a hashtag to make the search for this harvester a little bit easier (optional).


  5. Here you can choose the number of tokens the harvester will try to get in a certain interval of time. For example, you can set the harvester to get 3 tokens every 2 seconds.


  6. Check the service you are using, insert your API key or username and password depending on the service you've chosen then press enter in order to save the key in the harvester. You can add more keys to the same service and add the keys for different services in the same harvester.


  7. Click on Add.


  8. Your Captcha Service has been added successfully.



You can use the captcha solving services at the same time with the manual captcha solving in order to get better results.


Now, you're ready to run the harvester! Don't forget, we recommend using Captcha solving services in order to get better results!

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  • Hello, the harvester won't save my api key for 2 captcha. It states select 1 service is required.

  • Kyle, after you paste the key you have to press Enter. Than it should save it
    I hope that helps

  • 1. Is there an optimal setting (Tokens/second) for the harvester
    2. I'm running the harvester, nothing is happening.

  • Does the harvester need to be scheduled?

  • Hello, Guys!
    Thank you for your questions!
    Kyle, I think Brogi already answered the question, I hope you managed to fix the issue! Thank you Brogi by the way!
    Alan and Digital_ADHD please make sure to keep solving captcha manually even if you harvested tokens or if you're using captcha solving services because this only help you increase chances!
    If you need more info, contact us at support@anothernikebot.com with more details, please, to provide you with the full support.

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