[AIO Bot Plus] Whats the difference between AIO Bot and AIO Bot Plus?

As you know, ANB_AIO has expanded its services to its customers and it launched a new Bot, which is the AIO Bot Plus! 

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You're now wondering, Whats new in AIO Bot Plus!

In fact, Both are amazing products from ANB_AIO, none is better than the other, they're just different and were created at the request of sneakerheads who wanted to use multiple Bots with different code (copping engine).

Both Bots Have

  • Different Copping Engines. At the core of our AIO Bot is a “Copping Engine” and while its top of the line and has the best technology implemented we can use that same technology but with a different engine.This came at the request of sneakerheads who wanted to own multiple Bots with different copping engines but didn’t trust the products of other companies. And as you can understand we can’t put 2 engines in one car, and can’t put 2 engines in one Bot. For the techies out there, the example is we can’t write a Bot using C# and Python in the same Bot.

  • Different UI, some sneaker heads love using the AIO Bot one screen setup UI and others have requested the AIO Bot Plus step by step UI. Different but both great!

Why did you make AIO Bot Plus instead of improving AIO Bot?

Which one is better?

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