[Supreme] How to exclude a keyword for Supreme

For Supreme items that have a similar name, the bot can sometimes pick up the wrong item for you if there's another item with a similar keywords combination, to avoid this scenario we made an option to exclude a word so that the bot won't choose any item containing this word. 


Let's say that you want to cop a black GLAMOUR N-3B jacket and in the same drop there's another jacket called GLAMOUR N-3B Text, the keywords for the GLAMOUR N-3B jacket  would be GLAMOUR&N&3BCCCblackCCCjackets and the keywords for the GLAMOUR N-3B Text would be GLAMOUR&N&3B&TextCCCblackCCCjackets, in this case there's a high chance of the bot picking up the wrong item, the fix is simple, just exclude the word Text that's not included in the item we want by writing it down in the Negative KW field. 

In this case, when the bot finds an item that matches the keywords, it’ll check if it contains the negative keyword if it does then the item will be ignored.

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