[AIO] How to create keywords for finishline

In This Tutorial...

We'll show you how to use page monitor for Finishline website.

To make searching for new items on FinishLine more efficient, we've created two new methods for using page monitor, so we have three methods in total now, which are: 

  1. The normal method

    It's the one that we always use on all of our websites, you can read more about it Here

  2. The second method 

    You need to add the item's color to the keyword at the end.

    For example, if the item you want to cop was a Red Jordan Retro 8, the keyword should be Air&Jordan&8#colorRed


  3. The third method 

    Here, we use the item's Style ID and Color ID, the keyword format should be #modelStyleID-ColourID 

    For example, if the item you want to cop is Grey Jordan Retro 8, the keyword should be #model305368-014 

    With 305368 being the Style ID and 014 is the Colour ID. 



PS: Don’t forget that the second and third method can only be used on FinishLine.

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