[AIO] How to Setup Adidas Tasks For Yeezy

In This Tutorial...

We are going to show you how to setup your tasks for the hyped Yeezy Release.


  1. Do not rely on Adidas only, setup Adidas along with other websites. In addition to normal Adidas tasks, it is recommended to use Hmac destroyer. Link for Hmac Destroyer setup is here.
  2. Get some US proxies that are not banned by Adidas. Setup 1 task per proxy. i.e: 50 tasks if you have 50 proxies
  3. Add billing details and create tasks. Wait until splash page is live and start the tasks (along with hmac tasks if you setup them already).
  4. Open captcha solver and start solving even if you rely on third-party services. Keep solving and keep the Bot running regardless of errors until the bot checks out. Keep running for 3 hours at least and until Adidas tweets, the shoe is sold out.
  5. After adding to cart you MAY try to check out manually using browser check cart feature in the Bot.

Be patient and good luck.



This tutorial will show you how to setup Adidas Tasks for Yeezy release.

If you are looking for how to setup the Hmac Destroyer. Make sure you do the setup here then check this article.


To be able to understand this article you have to know the following:

  1. A general idea of how AIO Bot works and read the tutorials & FAQ here
  2. How to create a task and configure with billing info here
  3. How to solve Adidas captcha manually here
  4. Site-specific info here
  5. Follow the instructions in this link for more details on how to set up other websites.
  6. (OPTIONAL) You have read and understood how to use third party captcha services here

Highly Recommended:


    • Proxies.. Yes proxies and a lot of them, for more info about Proxies here. Proxies SHOULD be US Unbanned by Adidas Proxies. On Adidas, we suggest running 1 task per 1 proxy. After you get proxies you set them up use in normal proxy settings.
      P.S: You can use your own IP as a proxy with your proxies

    • Get Prepared to solve Captchas: Yes even if you used a third party captcha service, it is still preferred to solve captchas manually


  1. Add proxies to the bot

  2. Setup 1 Adidas tasks using the Guest account.

    IMPORTANT Note: If you fit different sizes use random sizing. e.g: You wear 10 but 9.5 and 10.5 fit well. So you can do 9.5&10&10.5 in the bot size field instead of just 10 to increase your chances. If you want to add 10 and 9.5 you can enter 10&9.5 in the bot size field.


  3. Repeat the above step until you add the desired number of tasks. Or you can use our new feature to create multiple tasks, check this tutorial to see how.

    You can use 1 proxy for each task. If you have 50 proxies, add 50 tasks and so on.
    P.S: You can use your own IP as a proxy with your proxies

  4. Select one or more tasks. Right-click and Manage Billing Info


  5. Make sure all the added tasks have CC Checkout set as billing info. You can get more info on how to set up billing details in this link.

    Tips for using billing info: Let's say I have 2 cards and my goal is 2 pairs & I have 50 tasks for Adidas. I can use 25 tasks with Card 1 and 25 tasks with Card 2.


  6. Click Create Tasks

  7. You can start your tasks, the bot will start monitoring when the stock is live.

  8. After you start your tasks, click Tools > Open Captcha Solver for > Adidas and start solving captcha when you start your tasks, regardless of the error you're getting, keep solving captcha until all tasks add the item to cart & Checkout, you can then close the captcha window. (P.S: Sign into your Gmail account in your same captcha browser to increase your chances)

  9. Whatever error the bot shows, they are not errors, it is Work in Progress. So don't panic or contact us about it.

  10. Keep the bot running until you checkout. Do not give up until Adidas officially tweets it is sold out. Even after the sold-out tweet, you can run the bot for restocking. Adidas normally restocks after the time of the release.

  11. In case a task added to cart but was not able to auto checkout you have to use the Browser Check Cart.


Do I have to use proxies?

It is highly recommended to use proxies. If you don't we suggest running 5 to 10 Adidas tasks only to avoid getting banned.

How do I know where to setup Hmac Destroyer?

Click on this link to see how to set it up.

Do I have to use Hmac Destroyer?

No, But it is highly recommended to use it as specified in this tutorial.

The Hmac Destroyer shows success what to do?

Just wait until the bot checks out and you can click "Open In Chrome" button to try and ATC manually

I am trying on a random Adidas shoe it is not working.

Just follow our instructions for release day, no need to try on other shoes.

I am getting a lot of errors. Why is that?

Those random retries and error messages are not "Errors" they are messages from Adidas website and the bot is doing its job.

I forgot to start the Hmac Destroyer but I started All Adidas tasks.

No problem. You can start either before the other. But make sure you start them ONLY after splash page is live.

When should I start my tasks?

You can start them when the splash is live.

How long does it take to normally cart?

It takes 5 minutes to 3 hours to check out a Yeezy pair, so be patient.

The bot shows that an item is added to cart but not checked out. What can I do?

You have to wait until the Bot checks out. If you want you can try and check out manually by selecting the task that is green (Added To Cart) and clicking Browser Check Cart.



You now know how to setup your tasks for Yeezys,

Following this instruction will Increase your chances of coping!

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  • always helpful...thx ANB!

  • Thank you for your support!


  • It is limiting to me to 20 tasks I thought the aio bot package coms with 100 tasks

  • Hey, Jerry!

    The AIO Bot is already 100 tasks, could you please report this problem to this email Support@anothernikebot.com?

  • Hello, this is regarding this:

    Q: I forgot to start the Hmac Destroyer but I started All Adidas tasks.

    A: No problem. You can start either before the other. But make sure you start them ONLY after splash page is live.

    Q: When should I start my tasks?

    A: You can start them when the splash is live.


    So, regarding the Adidas website, it is highly recommended to have Hmac Destroyer tasks right? (I personally would only have Hmac destroyer tasks if this is the case) If I have other footsite tasks created, I can start those a few minutes before live, as opposed to Hmac tasks where I MUST start AFTER the splash is live. In short, I should be starting my footsite tasks before live separately from my Hmac tasks which will be only after splash is live. Do I have this right? Thank you. 

  • Hello, Jeromie! 

    Yes, you need to use hmac destroyer for Adidas. We recommend running hmac tasks and normal tasks (just in case).

    For footsites, you need to start your tasks earlier a little bit before the drop time (we usually provide instructions inside the Bot under the release setup tab). So yes, for footsites, it's separated from the hmac destroyer (hmac is for Adidas only). 

    Let me know if you still have any further questions or if there's anything not clear for you ^^

  • hello

    How do I get the PID or early link for the yeezy semi frozen yellow and is the early link the same for all sites or will I have to find early links for each individual site I am trying to cop from ?

  • Hey, Azeez!
    We'll provide the early links, keywords and instructions of the sites releasing the Yeezy inside the Bot, under "release setup" tab.
    For the PID, press "help" > "get keywords and early links"

  • Good afternoon F.AI Zahab
    I was hearing that the yeezys were NOT requiring for me to use monitor proxies on this drop. That we need to just do as many tasks as we can without using the 20% method on the bot. Truth or False???

  • Hey, Alex!
    For now, there's no need to use 20% of your proxies for monitoring on Adidas sites, unless we instruct you.
    Please, keep in mind that the other websites require 20% of your proxies for monitoring.
    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Support@AnotherNikeBot.com!

  • How far in advance is the "Release Setup" information posted? When I click it there is still info from the release on the 11th.

  • Hey, Mike! We usually do our best to provide instructions inside the Bot before the Hyped releases (a couple of hours before the drop time). In case we didn't (sites didn't provide much info) you need to search for early links and create your own keywords!

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