[AIO/Supreme] Shopify Manual Captcha Solver

In this Tutorial...

We will show you how to solve Captchas manually for Shopify sites. 

  1. Go to Tools-> Open Captcha Solver for-> Inbot Browser


  2. A window will pop up where you need to sign in into your Gmail account.

    Click on Sign in.


  3. Put your Gmail account info and click on next. 


  4. After you have successfully signed in to your Gmail account, click on Open browser for-> Shopify and select your desired website to start solving Captchas. 

  5. You can always click on Help for more information.



  • Please keep solving captchas until you have successfully checked out the item or until it's sold out.

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  • Hi nice to meet u
    I am interested in your bot.
    Especially , I am very interested in manual captch solver.
    Could u explain me about this ?

  • Hello
    Thank you for your interest in our products, I'll contact you asap through e-mail!

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