[AIO] How to test your proxies inside the bot (Using Proxy Tester)?

In this Tutorial...

We'll show you how to insert your proxies inside the proxy tester feature, and test them to see if they're banned, their ping time and website ping time.

  • Open the Bot and go to Tools -> Proxy Tester

  • A figure that looks like this will open
  • In order to test your proxies, you have to follow these steps (Demonstrated in the picture below):
    1. Insert the proxies
    2. Check By Pass Proxy Server Ping
    3. Select the website that you want to test your proxies on
    4. Press Test Proxies
    5. We recommend keeping "Select Working" Checked
  • The result of each proxy will be obtained (See the picture below):
    The ping time and the website ping time should be as much lower as possible.
  • After that select the proxies you want to save on the monitor proxies box under the proxies settings and click on save proxies as monitor proxies, and select the ones you want to save in the normal proxies box under the proxies settings and click on save proxies as normal proxies. You can click here for detailed info on how to insert your proxies in the Bot. Screen_Shot_2017-05-31_at_11.10.05_AM.png
  • Footsites and Adidas banned proxies on the ATC, so you can test your proxies if they are banned on the ATC by selecting Test using ATC option


    In order to understand the status obtained for each proxy, you can press the Help! button. The following figure will pop-up. 


    You can always double check the result by testing proxies manually.
    if you can access the site on your browser and add to cart using the proxy, then it's working.

    Please check: How to test proxies in the browser?

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    Thanks for this!

  • why arent the Help, Save, and Export buttons showing up for me? and I cant scroll down to see them?

  • Dear Kev,

    Were you using mac ?

    If yes, please try to change the resolution.

  • Hey guys, quick question. I have proxies banned from footsites but work on adidas. How do i run multiple tasks from different sites to where I can assign Proxies to specific sites as well as to HMAC. Thanks for your help tjduncan523@gmail.com

  • Hey Tyler

    The bot automatically assign proxies. When you create 2 accounts and you insert 1 proxy, this proxy will bi directly assigned to these 2 accounts.

    Also the same thing when you create 2 accounts and you insert 2 proxies, these proxies will be automatically assigned to these 2 accounts.

    Check this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFjwid8fHDo


  • Do I need german proxies when I am located in germany to be able to buy stuff?

  • You need to buy proxies that are located in the country you're trying to cop from!

  • How do i enter the proxy into the list. I forgot what is the format is it like
    "123.456.78.90:port:user name:password"
    i try to manually test the ip in fire fox and i can go to adidas and foot site, but when i run the test proxy none of the proxy work. Please help

  • If you test your proxies on here can they end up getting banned for when you want to use them?

  • Hello, Charles and Joel!
    For the proxies, you should insert them inside the Bot as the format shown in the comment above. Please, contact us on Support@AnotherNikeBot.com to provide you with the full support and follow up with the issue that you're facing.
    It's better not to test in them proxy tester, just test them in the browser!

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