[AIO/Supreme] Sending accounts/tasks logs by Email

In this Tutorial...

We'll show you how to compress certain logs for a specific number of accounts (tasks) and send them to the ANB_AIO support team by email to Support@AnotherNikeBot.com.


  1. First, you need to press on "Tools" then "Open Logs Folder".


  2. After selecting "Open Logs Folder", a new window will appear containing all the Logs that you have run before; you need to select ONLY the logs you want us to see from the list. Preferably, the ones that contain the most errors (the ones you faced issues with).


    Aside from the logs you want to send, please select the "Mainlog" file with the same date of your selected logs, as shown in the screenshot below.


  3. On your selected log files, right click --> send to --> Compressed (zipped) folder.


  4. After you compressed them, go to your email, 'Compose' a new message and attach the compressed file.


  5. Finally, after attaching the compressed file, please make sure the email you entered is: Support@AnotherNikeBot.com. Also, make sure that the Logs file is attached, then send us the email. 


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